Speak up!

Join our die-in protest for climate justice at Markthal Rotterdam

Friday 17 May, 15:15

The call for climate justice may already be on many of our minds daily, as we join marches or implement environmentally conscious action into our lifestyles. Our voices need to be heard more urgently than ever before. Change has yet to be made at the root of the problem. And we have the power to make that possible.

Friday, May 17th at 15:15, we are staging a 'die-in' on Blaak square in front of the Markthal, calling for action to stop the deterioration of the climate before it is too late by publicly 'dying' -like the Earth is doing right before our eyes. Speak up!

With the European elections coming up, it is most imperative to remind people that our voices and OUR VOTES MATTER. Sometimes, we have to use the system to implement change on a broader scale. It's in our hands. Let's make the EU green together!

Join us and invite others to come along to make it unforgettable! Check out our Facebook event.

This event is organised by Erasmus Change, started by thirty students at Erasmus University College, in collaboration with Extionction Rebellion. First time protesting? Don't worry, we'll give a briefing beforehand. This event is entirely legal and the municipality of Rotterdam has been informed. 😊

We need to buy a few things such as banner material and green vests. As organisers, we will pay for these things ourselves. However, we very much appreciate it if you make a small contribution: bunq.me/erasmuschange