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Our first protest was a die-in. We were picked up by several news media with our student climate protest. We started a petition to stop surveilance agencies intimidating young activists, which was signed over 2K times.

Now we're organising the largest climate march in Rotterdam yet. Another die-in is coming up on Friday the 13th.

Get to know us! We write about our experiences as activists on our blog.


We are Erasmus Change. Together, we are standing up for climate justice. Our generation cannot and will not stay passive.

We are a diverse group of people. We organise ourselves in various working groups so that we can all contribute in our own way.

This is what we stand for:

We’re a little terrified, yet excited and hopeful for our future. Seeing so many join our movement encourages us to keep fighting. Power to the people.

Join us

Join one of our working groups, or start your own! We have three categories. Firstly, we make local & direct change possible in Rotterdam. Secondly, we raise political awareness about the climate crisis. Thirdly, there are working groups concerned with the organisation of Erasmus Change.

Local & direct change Political awareness Organisation

Together, we can make change possible. Every bit of help is appreciated. Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.


Documents: Google Drive

All our documents, including minutes of our meetings, can be found in our shared Google Drive folder. In it you will find a shared document where we collect interesting green events. You can add your own events as well. We will send an overview via our newsletter.

Internal communication

Whenever possible, we communicate using Signal instead of WhatsApp. Join us at one of our General Assemblies to meet us in person!


We have made a contact list of climate action groups and local news media. We are part of the Rotterdam Climate Coalition (a collaboration project of green organisations in Rotterdam).


We manage our finances using a dedicated bank account at Bunq. Anouk Rialan, Eloïse Richard, Joppe Hoekstra, and Anne Ruijter manage this account. Bunq invests the money that is stored on our bank account only in green companies. We will regularly publish financial reports. Don't hesitate to contact Anouk for more information.

Every now and then we need to buy small things such as banner material, green vests, and snacks for our events. Since we're all student, most of us don't have a lot of money. That is why we try to share the burden as much as possible. Every small contribution is appreciated: